Since its invention, photography has profoundly shaped the world we live in.

It has allowed us to see parts of the world we never would have been able to see before. It has recorded important historical events – and served to influence public opinion and political direction. It has helped us remain connected to loved ones, and remember those who came before us.

Now more people than ever are taking photos and sharing them not just with their friends and families, but with the entire world. This new “connected photography” is a dramatic shift in the way we create and consume photos.

Even as video has become so prevalent with the rise of video-capable cameras and smartphones, still photography remains deeply important. A good photo can be memorable, lasting, and iconic.

My name is Jim Rhoades. I’m an app developer and photographer. I’m working to improve my photography, and I share my progress here through the photos I’m taking and the photography related things I’m thinking about.

Most of all I enjoy making fun camera apps like Plastipic to help you take beautifully awkward pictures of your family, your friends, your cat, and your dinner – so you can post those glorious pixels somewhere for the whole world to see.

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