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Plastipic is a super fun camera app for taking photos that look like they came from a toy film camera with a plastic lens. It’s no toy though, this camera app can take some seriously great photos.

With subtly randomized soft corner focus and vignetting along with a choice of beautiful color and monochrome filters, photos from Plastipic are delightful and totally unique.

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Get Creative

An unlimited multiple exposure feature lets you take a photo and combine it with the previous one.

For even more fun, turn up the heat by switching on Plastipic’s “Spice” feature to add random special effects like light leaks, partial double exposures, wild chromatic aberrations, and much more. With Spice, you never quite know what you’re going to get, but it’s sure to be interesting.

Take Photos In Style

With a simple and great looking user interface, Plastipic is a joy to use. You can switch between themes, and even choose custom theme colors to match your unique style.

Plastipic user interface controls

Bold. Beautiful. Unapologetically unpredictable. Plastic fantastic.

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